I Have a Scab on My Knee

Devil’s Claw, Victoria Barry


that’s jagged

and circular

like a small stone

severed from

a larger rock

The dried blood

cavernous and sharp


from the eye

of the sore

It stings 


begging me 

to pick at it

Peel back 

Split it apart from 

healing skin 

Pink and dry 


Not ready to be exposed

I pick at that too

Let a drop of

thick blood

course down

my leg

and trickle 

between my toes 

Never healing

but scarring

A remnant

of the wound

that marred

my rough skin

like a brand


into a calf’s hide.



About the Author

Emily Bieniek · Columbia College Chicago

Emily Bieniek is a Poetry student at Columbia College Chicago. Her works have been featured in The Lab Review and The Garland Court Review. This piece was first published in Columbia Poetry Review. 


About the Artist

Victoria Barry · Mount Saint Mary’s University

Victoria Barry is an artist residing in Washington, D.C. Her work is inspired by cultural exploration, utilizing creative problem solving to create visual narratives. Devil’s Claw first appeared in Lighted Corners. 

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