Conch Shell, Alessandra Leo


Folded into you,

ardent asymmetry.

What harmonious origami

of bare skin

and paper-white bed sheets.

Our pages such jigsaw canvases,

smoothed-over here,

crumpled there,

our ripped edges in union-

such indulgent dichotomies.


All creases and

delicate synchronization,

warmth and earnest loving-

a testament to miracles

to be so crisply perforated and

folded along your

dotted arms.



About the Author

Ian Davies · Shippensburg University

Ian E. Davies is a long time poet from the quaint Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and currently studies English at Shippensburg University. Professionally, he has won the 2016 Stevens-Stickler Award for Artistic Excellence for his poem, “Because”, and in the same year achieved “viral” status with his coming-out story in Outsports Magazine (an online publication journaling LGBT+ athletes) which accumulated over 90,000 page views in a matter of days. Less professionally, Ian is involved extensively in social justice advocacy, political activism, punching nazis, and filling the internet with his absurd and outrageous tweets. “Pages” first appeared in Reflector.

About the Artist

Alessandra Leo · Grandview University

Alessandra Leo is from Des Moines, Iowa and she studies art at Grandview University. She aims for recognizable realism and attention to detail in her artwork. “Conch Shell” first appeared in Earthwords.

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