Blue, Linnea Shurig




I watch her

cracked, leather hands dig

deep in distilled earth

soft from water long gone

her voice softer still


‘fiel es el Senor’

faithful is the lord

she hums silently, bending

her hunched back over Creation

smiling through aches



sending praises up

as she digs deeper down

for unforgotten roots.



we fought for this.



About the Author

Karina DaSilva · California Lutheran University

Karina DaSilva is a recent graduate from California Lutheran University, where she majored in English and in Communications. When not taking long walks on the beach, she enjoys spending quiet evenings reading fantasy novels and writing short stories. “Fidelidad” was first published in Morning Glory.

About the Artist

Linnea Schurig · Grinnell College

Linnea Schurig is originally from San Rafael, California. She is currently a senior at Grinnell College, co-captain of the ultimate frisbee team Grinneleanor Roosevelts, and she frequently paints. “Blue” was originally published in The Grinnell Review.


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