Corpus Christi

Baptism,  Mia Silvan-Grau



god is just

another old man

laying claim to my body,

with that divine


he poses on my pale altar,

anointing me with the knowledge

that no matter where I touch myself

he was there



About the Author

Alyssa Russell · Wheaton College

Alyssa Russell is a Senior at Wheaton College, majoring in English. A former Catholic school student, her poems touch on issues of religion, feminism, and sexuality. She intends to pursue an MA in Librarianship in the UK next fall. “Corpus Christi” first appeared in Rushlight.

About the Artist

Mia Silvan-Grau · Oberlin College

A Creative Writing Major at Oberlin College, Mia Silvan-Grau was born in New York City and became interested in photography at a very early age. Mia has been interested in photographing water and people in water as a way to access another world. “Baptism” first appeared in Plum Creek Review.

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