Where I Live Now

Lost Time, Erin Lee



coffeecup piss snow Destination Park Street

the flashing Tedeschi’s sign

two corners wide

neon sidewalk puddles that are here until

fucking April, at the earliest

and 30pack Coors lite for $24.99.

the constellations of CVS, Bottled Liquors,

Inbound Pizza guide us home.


the mug in the sink is full of commas

toe nail clippings and sunflower shells

we pile the garbage up until it wilts

three dumpster barrel toothed lumbering alleyways

i could sleep here

if i remembered to shut the goddamn window.


and hunger aches in my belly

like a muddy brick in a toilet pump

rainwater cross-eyed jaundice lovers

trying to save on the utilities bill.

that damned radiator

shivers like snowdrifts in a siberian blizzard

pipes howl like huskies

begging to be put down

melted urban chic doc martens,

laces, tongues untied,

we always fuck with our eyes open.



About the Author

Jennifer Kronmiller · Northeastern College

Jennifer Kronmiller studies Sign Language at Northeastern University for much the same reason she writes: because she hates to talk. “Where I Live Now” first appeared in Spectrum.

About the Artist

Erin Lee 

Erin (Su Min) Lee is a high school sophomore from South Korea currently living in Johns Creek, Georgia. She frequently experiments with various subject matters and media, conveying her thoughts and ideas to the viewer through her unique pieces. “Lost Time” first appeared in The Adroit Journal.

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