Two Scars

Play the Cards, Diana Chou



When I say she was something else,

I mean that she reminded me

of a circus.


Her colors were not very

bright, nor was she shaped

like three rings.


But inside an old tent

in the corner

of a moonlit field,


you could watch her


in just a white t-shirt,


and forget how sad the elephants

looked without their




About the Author

James Parkington · Boston College

James Parkington is a marketing strategist and musician from the dreamlike Berkshires; he recently completed an English degree at Boston College. He lives in Brighton and spends his days reminiscing about the snowy turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston.

About the Artist

Diana Chou · University of Maryland Baltimore County

Diana Chou is pursuing a double degree in graphic design and business technology administration. As a Linehan Artist Scholar at UMBC, she continues to develop new horizons in the visual arts. Painting is her first love.

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