Emerge, Meagan Dwyer

[Trigger Warning: mentions of abuse]

For the daughter of someone

who loves, it was always

easier to break bread.

White velvet wrapped

around and you

walked on thick revelry.

The cold pews

penetrated my thin dress.

Hymns beat stale

smells between my

thighs and as a child

I tried to picture

a Him ringing,

but couldn’t

I fidgeted some

hurt that I pinned, or

balanced on the head

of a pin that I pricked into

my finger over

and over.

If shapes shifted

you’d fill all

my holes.

About the Author

Shannon Hearn · University of Conneticuit

Shannon Hearn is a senior at the University of Connecticut double majoring in journalism and English with a concentration in creative writing. Her poems, including “Devotions,” have appeared in the Long River Review and she has work forthcoming in Words Dance Publishing.

About the Artist

Meagan Dwyer · Rice University

“Emerge” first appeared in R2:The Rice Review. 

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