Drum Heads, Kalen Keir



When you buried me in the sand,
I lost my legs beneath the earth;
forgot my limbs. You stooped
to my ear, said You’re done:
and I remembered my hands,
the sharpness of my elbows.
I cracked the palm-smoothed surface
of the beach, broke your fingerprints and emerged
like Athena from the head of the world.



About the Author

Jenna Devine, Princeton University

Jenna Devine is a sophomore majoring in English at Princeton University. She loves Shakespeare, red lipstick, and British accents. “Goddess” was originally published in The Nassau Literary Review.


About the Artist

Kalen Keir, University of Minnesota

Kalen Keir is an interdisciplinary artist, musician, theatre maker, and student at The University of Minnesota. Kalen can be reached at [email protected].



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