Summer 2023


My Black Life Matters

by Talya Johnson, Virginia State University

Instructions {for in case the world is ending, which it is};

by jack hall, LeMoyne College


by Eliza Moore, Mercer University


by Taylor Hammond, New Mexico State University

Not for the Week

by Claire Tafoya, Chapman University


by Madeline Maske, St.Edward’s University

it is one thing to keep a garden

by Jeremy Pulmano, Princeton University

aching for the moment you called me “baby”

by jack hall, LeMoyne College

Because We Drove Past

by Marylou Sutherland, Mercer University

Rain on a Tea Party

by Hannah Loveland, LeMoyne College

A Longer Route Would Take Less Time (But Never Stop Checking the Atlas for Other Highways)

by Niko Boscovic, Portland Community College


by Rachael Gilmore, Missouri Southern State University

U.S. Route 95

by Paxton Potter, LeMoyne College

Watch Dog

by Patricia Liu, Harvard College

en plein air

by Matilda Lin Berke, Wellesly College

Fiction, Creative Nonfiction and Drama

Welcome to Milnesand

by Jonathan E. Davis, New Mexico State University

The Shield Maidens of Hafsfjord (Part Four)

by Sherena Willford, Virginia State University


by Lauren Bramlett, Chapman University

Wedding Blues

by Rachael Gilmore, Missouri Southern State University